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At Nerd Alert we offer SEO services for new and existing websites. If you decided to create your new website with Nerd Alert, we will optimize your content and tags to be better visible in search engines in the price! If you hire Nerd Alert to improve your Google position for your existing website, a little bit more work will be required but in both cases we will follow these steps to get you to the top on Google:

Steps involved:

  • Keyword Discovery & Keyword Attractiveness

    During this step we are trying to find all niche keywords for your website. We are analyzing hundreds of key phrases related to your business to come up with the most profitable ones.
  • Website Content Optimization

    Using the keywords from the step one, we are trying to modify your website and add content to be successfully indexed and high ranked by search engines. We are focusing on Keyword Density, Keyword Proximity and Keyword Prominence.
  • Meta, Title and header tags optimization

    At this important step we modify all tags to reflect the content. We want to make sure that all of the keywords and key phrases we focus are included in the Title, Meta and H1,H2 tags.
  • Business Catalog Submission

    We submit your website along with your business information to all popular and niche catalogs like Google Places, Bing Local Listing Center, Yahoo Local Listings etc.
  • Link Building

    The route to good Google ranking is to get a high quantity and quality of links to your pages from important, relevant, and reliable sources. This process is recognized as the most crucial in the whole search engine optimization process. We strive to build high quality incoming links to your website by using only White Hat Seo technics.
  • Social Networking

    We promote your business using popular social networking portals.
  • Monitoring & Maintenance

    We use statistical tools to measure growing traffic and visitors on your website. These tools allow us to see how you website position changes over time in search engines when searched for specific key phrases.

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